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Movement Joints

Movement Joints

The use of Expansion or Movement Joints is to safely absorb the movement in the floor or wall from heat expansion or vibration.

Including movement joints in floors enables the tile bed to move in unison with the individual substrates. Selection of movement joint type will depend on joint width requirement, finished floor use and movement capability. The range of materials available and their typical area of use include; aluminium for general commercial installation, brass and stainless steel for heavy commercial and factory use, and PVC for most other applications. Current guidelines state that the maximum tile field should be no more than ten metres in each direction - but in practice, depending on the individual applications, it tends to be between five and eight metres.

We stock a wide range of movement joints, from light duty PVC to heavy duty Aluminium, Brass and Stainless Steel. Most of the expansion joints we stock come with either Black, Grey or beige infill, although we can now get them made with an infill colour of your choice - please call us for prices today.

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